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North Shore Funding Partners, LLC

North Shore Funding is located in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. We have affiliate lending offices in California, and Florida.

We are commercial lending specialists that can review a commercial mortgage loan proposal quickly and in some cases issue a genuine same day approval.

Traditional commercial financing programs cap at 80 LTV (percent of property value) for income producing properties. Limited verification programs are available at a maximum 90 CLTV (combined first and second mortgage) which means a seller second of ten percent will be allowed in addition to an 80 LTV first provided through North Shore Funding. Retail, industrial and special use properties can expect a LTV of around 65-70 depending on certain variables. Rates can be as low as 4.75% for multifamily and 5.5% for other property types.

Commercial Bridge or Commercial Hard Money Loan programs are available for commercial hard money loans and commercial bridge loans. Whether a property or mortgagor are in distress or need quick cash to take advantage of a business opportunity, North Shore Funding can respond swiftly. North Shore Funding has participated in loan closings that have occurred in one business day from receipt of title, appraisal and application. Expensive bridge financing or hard money is offered at below industry standard rates. We have programs that range from 7.5% or up to 15.9% when a private fund is required for exceptional circumstances such as property and or financial distress, where the default rate is typically exceptionally high. Most loans close at a rate of approximately 11.99-13.5 percent.

Loan Structuring of a Commercial Bridge or Hard Money is key to each application having a strong likelyhood of repayment, sufficient equity to structure an easy repayment schedule, and or a genuine exit strategy that will result in our investor partners being repaid at the end of the bridge term. North Shore Funding prides itself on it's exceptionally low default rate, on what are deemed to be higher risk transactions. This minimizes loss to both investors and commercial bridge loan mortgagors.

Our network of funds, institutional investors, and private money lenders are prepared to issue same day responses for emergency commercial mortgage loan requests. We offer nationwide commercial bridge and commercial hard money lending.

Commercial Property and Hard Money Loan Valuation in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland can receive an instant review. California, Texas, Washington, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont can expect to receive a property appraisal review in less than one business day from completion/receipt of a current and valid commercial property appraisal. Commercial hard money loan requests in all other states including Hawaii, Illinois, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Alabama due to the commercial market variations will be required to order MAI appraisals when seeking asset based financing. The quality of the real estate appraisal can add credence to value when large variations exist in property values. If you are not sure about an appraiser, please contact your broker, or an experience realtor to obtain a referral. The value of the commercial hard money property or hard money bridge loan are based fully upon assets of the property, equipment and in some cases receivables if the applicants wish to have additional collateral considered in order to obtain a higher loan amount on a commercial hard money loan transaction.

Commercial Hard Money Lending in AZ, AL, , CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, KS, LA, MA, MN, MS, NJ, NY, NV, OH, PA, SD, UT, VT, WA, WY and most US cities and states.

For Loan scenarios, please apply online, or call us at 516-921-9000.

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